Replay MKI

Replay MKI. The most versatile controller/mer-ger/artnet unit in the GLG range of Products.



Replay MKI. The most versatile controller/mer-

ger/artnet unit in the GLG range of Products.

With this unit which has 1024 DMX channels

you can store, convert, boost and merge!

8 independent memories which can contain

a scene or show replayed individually or as

a sequence. Besides this the Replay is also

controllable with wifi dmx or wifi with a OSC

control app. Also the unit can function as a

merger and as a artnet converter (Artnet 4.0)

Very suitable for everyone who needs a sim-

ple controller to replay memories or shows.

or just want to have a affordable artnet con-

troller/merger etc.


Technical Specificaties

Supports ArtNet and DMX

1024 channels DMX in & out

Real-time record & replay via DMX or WiFi

8 Memories and each up to 20 hours can be

stored in SD card

Replay run in solo or loop mode

Replay run on iPad/iPhone via TouchOSC

DMX signal booster


DMX input to Artnet output via wifi or Lan ca-



Artnet input to Artnet output via wifi

Artnet input via wifi to Artnet output via Lan


Artnet input via Lan cable to 2 DMX outputs

Artnet input via wi to 2 DMX outputs

DMX Merger

24CH DMX (Simple Desk)

Power In: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

Dimension: 225 x 130 x 55 mm

Weight: 0.70 kg


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